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We provide a comprehensive service, including: project team liaison, preparation of consent applications and assessments, coordination of other experts, Council-liaison, and presentation of expert evidence at Environment Court and council hearings.

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Expert Advice

Our planning advice adds value to projects large or small.   We recognise that clients are less interested in rules and the planning process than the outcome, and they want to maximise their opportunities, whilst minimising timeframes, costs and risks.   With this in mind, we utilise our planning expertise to navigate the process and provide focused, relevant advice to clients where it counts.

Key Services

Our client-focused approach underpins our following key planning services:

  • Site scoping, due diligence, development feasibility, and risk identification / resolution.
  • Site layout and building design guidance.
  • Council liaison, including pre-application and Urban Design Panel meetings.
  • Project/consent management, including briefing / coordination of other experts.
  • Assessments of effects (AEE), including comprehensive assessments for complex projects, or focused assessments for smaller/simple projects.
  • Expert evidence.
  • Master planning, plan changes,  submissions, development contributions, consultation, and other planning processes.

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