An exceptional experience

Our traffic engineers and transport planners have experience presenting evidence before the Environment Court and are respected for providing clear and commercially sound advice.

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Expert Advice

Our transport engineers and planners specialise working within a resource management environment and providing technical advice that is directly relevant to designers, planners and the planning processes they work to.   We have specialist knowledge of design guidelines, engineering standards, traffic survey data, and the practical transportation requirements of developments.  However, our ability to provide clear conclusions, direction and design advice within a resource management framework to clients, designers, planners and Councils is what sets us apart.

Key Services

Our technical expertise and plain-language advice underscores the following key transport services:

  • Parking and access layout design advice.
  • Integrated Transport Assessments (ITA) and Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA).
  • Expert evidence.
  • Road and intersection design.
  • Parking demand and trip generation analysis.
  • Road safety audits.

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