Vaccination Policy

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COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Updated March 2022

At Novo Group we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our staff, our clients, suppliers and others who visit us.

We strongly support vaccination and believe having a vaccinated workforce will reduce infection and reduce the likelihood of serious outcomes for those infected.

Our policy follows the Government’s current advice, and as such, we do not require staff or visitors to scan in or provide evidence of vaccination from 4 April 2022. If you are planning on visiting Novo Group and are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or are unwell, we are happy to make alternative meeting arrangements or to reschedule (eg: video conferencing). Some staff may still choose to hold meetings over VC or telephone. The requirement to wear a facemask during an onsite meetings will also be at the staff member’s discretion.

We ask for your support and to respect our policy by communicating with your contact at Novo Group ahead of any in-person meeting and/or event.

Thank you for your support of our vaccination policy.